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  • TGC International Company Limited is established by who have worked and experienced in the intellectual property career more than ten years. Especially, the patent writing which needs the experience and high ability in the accurate writing by international standard and they can be enforced. We convince you with the highest complacence.

  • We worked with the Inventors Scientists Physicists Chemist and Researchers both the private sector and the government to specify the special essence of their inventions. To achieve the recognition of the law and the intellectual property is protected which it is an opportunity to refer the working experiences that build the potentiality of your business and is capable to ensure your requirements efficiently.

  • We work hard and spend several hours per week to provide information and content writing patents. To ensure that the inventions are  protected as they deserve and more than what they are. To support the development of the Invention in the future and prevent further technologies simply because of  the defectiveness of writing patent  contents

  • The toughest of the invention is to create simplicity with efficiency. It is difficult to do so.  We deeply understand how to write a patent to protect inventions that are important and how to protect them.  Because we have the experience in the patent enforcement and leading to the advantage  negotiation or wining many lawsuits.

  • We have found many patents that are written just to make the invention patented but cannot be enforced and become disadvantage in the businesses. Also they cannot be patented to negotiate and make the patents devalue.


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